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Create your quiz/survey app in 4 simple steps

Step 1
Sign-up and create your quiz or survey on our website.

  • Sign-up on our website.
  • Go to the Editor Tab on our website and compose your quiz/survey:
    • Enter Name, Title and Icon Image (jpg image is automatically resized to fit for the icon)
    • Enter Questions & Answers: You can have up to 20 questions per quiz/survey and up to 7 multiple-choice answers per question.
    • Include pictures (.jpg), audio (.mp3) or video (.mov). Pictures are automatically resized to fit on the mobile device screen.
    • Modify the field labels or translate them into your own language (optional).
    • Check or uncheck the 'Installation Code required for access' flag, depending on whether you want the end-user to access the mobile app with or without Installation code (see Step 2).
  • When done, an e-mail will be sent with the app Installation link and Installation code. The Installation link and its QR code are also displayed in the Editor.
  • If needed, you can always come back to the Editor to change your quiz/survey at a later stage.
Tabletquiz Editor

Step 2
Install the app via your mobile device browser and add the icon to the home screen.

  • Navigate to the app Installation link in your mobile device browser (ensure that the device is connected to the internet).
  • Enter the Installation code on the first screen (Optional, depending on the flag 'Installation Code required for access' - see Step 1)
  • Add the app's icon to the home screen (Optional):
    • iPad/iPhone: Tap and then 'Add to Home screen'
    • Android:
      -Bookmark the app's first page
      -Open the browser 'bookmarks' screen
      -Long-press the app's bookmark
      -Select 'Add to Home screen'
  • As from now, you can access the app via the icon directly and you can use the app in full-screen mode. (without the browser's address bar)
  • Repeat the installation on other devices (Optional). You can share your app by simply forwarding the installation email, or by publishing the QR Code and/or the Installation link. The app can be installed on an unlimited number of devices and it can be used by an unlimited number of people.
Tabletquiz Installation on iPad

Step 3
Run the app on one or more mobile devices and collect quiz/survey responses.

  • Retrieve end-user data (name, e-mail address,...) and quiz/survey responses through one or more mobile devices. You can run the app also on your PC, through the Chrome or Safari browser.
  • For quizzes, the end-user will see a Top Score list as well as his/her own score. The score is displayed at the end of the quiz, not after each individual question.
  • For both quizzes and surveys, the end-user will be able to enter an (optional) free-text feedback at the end of the quiz/survey.
  • There is no limitation on the number of end-users or responses.
  • Off-line operation is supported, except for video and audio. To stream video or audio, you need to be connected to the internet. Quiz/Survey results collected off-line are automatically synched next time the app is started with internet connection.
Tabletquiz Question with Video

Step 4
View the results on our website and export to Excel.

  • Go to the Results Tab on our website and view the end-user's data and the responses.
  • You can delete end-user's responses if desired. This can be useful to remove responses which were created for testing purposes.
  • You can export (download) the results in .csv format. The .csv file can easily be imported into Microsoft Excel or other programs for further analysis.
Tabletquiz Results